Sunday, August 16, 2015

Seed pods

I thought these looked cool. I'm not ready for summer to wind down, but it's that time of year. There are two weeks left of school vacation. Already the store circulars are advertising back-to-school sales. I can feel the days getting shorter, and our recent spell of chilly weather is a foreshadowing of the crisp fall days down the road.


But there still should be some good summer weather in the weeks ahead. The grapes are starting to ripen and the vegetable garden is producing. I'll need to cut the grass in the coming week. And there are other outdoor chores to do. Officially, fall is a little over a month away. Let's hope so.


  1. Personally, I would like some "normal" summer weather between now and the end of October....
    some rain, preferably overnight...
    some sun, preferably not too hot tho'....
    some breeze, but not the strong winds we've been getting...
    thart would suit me to a...

  2. We also come back to schol on 1st September

  3. School has been going for a week now in Alabama. The kids (and teachers) get a week's break in October now.

  4. I very much enjoy watching the seasons pass through your thoughts and photographs.

  5. tim, we can only hope.

    gosia, it's coming right up!

    evelyn, interesting...

    michael, :)


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