Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apple carpet

I haven't done anything about the fallen apples yet. I did push them aside on the garden path to clear a place to walk. Fortunately, the grass doesn't need to be cut anytime soon, so I'm not in a hurry. It will probably take me a few days to deal with them all. There aren't many apples left on the trees.

It's going to take a long time to get these cleaned up. Compare to this photo from a few days ago.

I think I mentioned that another apple tree outside our back gate was damaged in Monday's wind storm. The tree was split vertically down the middle of the trunk. I was afraid that this was going to happen to our big apple tree (in the photo above), but it was spared, probably because it is leaning into the wind. One day it, too, will go -- there's already a large split in the trunk.

The damaged tree out next to the pond.

I ate a garden tomato for supper last night. Just sliced, with salt, pepper, a little olive oil, and some balsamic vinegar. It was great. The big tomatoes are ripening now. It won't be long before I'll need to make sauce for the freezer. In the meantime, we will enjoy fresh, tasty toms from the garden. What a treat!


  1. What a shame to have lost all those apples.

  2. Now, that is a lot of apple compote!!
    You were much closer to the centre of the system sowith quicker winds...
    we topped out at one gust of 45kph... and a lot close to that...
    so we also spent a lot of yesterday rescuing fruit.

    That means that we will not be going to the Clandestine Cake Club today...
    we will be picking over and processing that fruit...
    12.5 kilos of apples, none of which will keep...
    5 kilos of plums...
    so cookin', bottlin', freezin' and dehydratin' are the order for the next few days...
    and then there are the steadily arriving courgettes.
    For some strange reason none of the tomatoes suffered any damage...
    not even a lean...
    but the runner bean frame next door to them came apart and has had to be jerry rigged for the time being...
    I can't repair it properly until the beans have finished!!

  3. Instead of hoeing them together, use a shovel! What a shame to lose the apples. I hope you can save some for apple sauce and jelly.

  4. I am ahead of you by three weeks as far as enjoying home grown tomatoes . Have been lucky so far except for some squirrels going after the grape tomatoes.

  5. OMG you must bake alot od apple tarts

  6. Best sandwich ever - old fashioned Wonder white bread, really ripe tomato slices, Hellman's mayo, salt and pepper. I've only had it once but sooooooo good.

  7. Walt, there has to be some way to train Callie to pick up and remove those apples. She's been getting a free ride up to now. And don't get me started on Ken...

  8. jean, that's how it goes, sometimes, I suppose. There are still some on the trees, just not so many.

    tim, I've got enough toms and zukes to deal with, so the apples are destined for the compost. They'll help feed next year's crop.

    ellen, oh, I've tried a shovel to no avail. Hoeing works best, so far.

    t.b., cool. My plants usually get a late start, and since I grow them from seed (do you?), they're even later.

    gosia, we'll see.

    lynn, yes! I like that too.

    bob, hehe, you know I've tried. She prefers to sit down and eat them. As for Ken, well, he does his bit in the kitchen. ;)

  9. Walt

    I don't grow from seed - don't get enough sun and I don't have one of those lamps for indoors. Strangely this year - they are early ( usually i have a lot of green tomatoes that I have to bring in as soon as the mercury dips but not this year ). Must be that i changed nursery.


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