Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We're in the height of Queen Anne's Lace season. Here, it's called carotte sauvage (wild carrot). The prolific blooming normally occurs at the time when summer begins its slow fade into fall. The plants almost carpet the vineyard, but much of it has been cut back. I cut a fair amount of it when I mowed the yard yesterday. Not to worry; there's still plenty left all around.

An insect rests on a flower head that looks like it's just about to open.

The zucchini plants seem to be in a lull. Thank goodness. There are still six squash in the kitchen to be used or processed, not to mention Big Bertha on the deck. Ken has plans for that one. Stay tuned.


  1. Great close-up... what lens did you use?
    The insect is a froghopper....
    the "larvae" create cuckoo-spit.
    And the flower head that is opening....
    is in fact a Queen Anne's Lace.... aka. wild carrot seed head...
    and is in the process of bunching up...
    I've never really understood why it does that!!
    If I remember... I'll try and see what it does next.....
    if I remember..............................??

  2. People were aghast when I added Queen Anne's lace to my wedding bouquet. Silly people, it's beautiful and free!

  3. That's a beautiful bouquet. And a great macro shot.

  4. wild carrot is very popular at my place too


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