Thursday, August 20, 2015

Heading out

A familiar sight to regular readers, this is where Callie and I start our morning walks through the vineyard. Once we go through the gate at the back of our property, we walk around the little pond and take this dirt road out among the vines. Most of the time I go all the way out along the road then turn around and come back. But sometimes we turn into the vines and walk around the edges or go through the woods. Callie likes that best.

The vineyard on a mid-August morning. Our daily walk takes us out beyond the horizon in this photo.

We're having a very nice weather week with pleasant days and cool nights. Good for sleeping. Today and through Saturday the highs are expected to be in the mid eighties fahrenheit. More and more tomatoes are turning red.

Today I'm planning to do the annual clean-out of the drains under the house. I use the power washer with a drain snake attachment to clear the calcium build-up from inside the old concrete pipes. We don't want to risk them blocking up during the winter (or any other time).


  1. Of course, you could point out that even in the mid-eighties of temperature, the humidity will probably be quite low. Anyway, I love your commentary running from the bucolic to the mundane. Enjoy this weather... I'm off to paint the doors to our cave.

  2. Perfect temperatures AND low humidity? I'm jealous!

  3. Yucky job, I guess?
    Great that you have beautiful weather and a wonderful setting to enjoy when you've finished :)

  4. nice landscape and no signs of autumn

  5. stuart, thank goodness for low humidity. House chores are more pleasant that way!

    jacqueline, high humidity is not so common around here. People notice it when it happens.

    judy, yeah, pretty yucky, but done now.

    gosia, not yet! :)


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