Sunday, September 24, 2006

La Tour

And what walk around Paris would be complete without at least a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower? Here's a bit more than a glimpse:

This shot (above) was taken through a rare vacant lot in the 15th arrondissment. Actually, I'm not certain that this is really a vacant lot, since there were goalposts and basketball hoops set up. But there were trash and graffiti as well. A temporary playground in a vacant lot?

My walk took me up to the river and over into the 7th arrondissement, where I am, of course, drawn to the tower. At this hour of the morning, there were only a few people under the tower (there was still an hour before it opened to tourists). I watched a beverage delivery at the foot of the south leg - where the entrance to the Jules Verne restaurant is. And I took this typical shot (above) without being jostled by 27 other people doing the same thing.

Finally, a walk around the south leg, or pilier as it is called, on the way back through the Champ de Mars and on to our friend's apartment. There really is something cool about a city in the early morning before people get moving.

La tour Eiffel a froid aux pieds
L'Arc de Triomphe est ranimé
Et l'Obélisque est bien dressé
Entre la nuit et la journée

Il est cinq heures
Paris s'éveille
Paris s'éveille

-Words by Jacques Dutronc and Anne Ségalen.


  1. Très chouettes, tes photos de la Tour :-) Et Dutronc reste indétronable dans ce registre ;-) ! Bises et bon dimanche ! Marie

  2. I love the photo taken through the net. You have such a great eye and imagination for photography!

  3. These are great Eiffel Tower pics -- I must admit they beat your statuettes! LOL!

  4. Marie, merci. J'adore cette chanson de Dutonc. C'est une des premières chansons que j'aie entendues à Paris il y a 25 ans...

    Cheryl, I don't know about the imagination part; I just takes 'em as I sees 'em! Recognize the middle one? ;)

    bc, thanks. The little towers will never find out!


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