Friday, September 29, 2006

Un Jour, Une Tour [25]

This is the twenty-fifth and final installment of the Eiffel Tower series! We finish with pretty much the first tower I bought, many, many, many years ago in Paris. It's the classic tourist tower.

Here's the view from under the tower (below). Compare it with this one, second image from the top. I didn't have to fight any tourists to get this shot, either.

I do have some other towers, but they're not 3-dimensional. They're mostly just photos, and I've decided not to photograph them for this series.


  1. So, could you say we've made a circle of the tours? Thanks for an enjoyable ride.

    Are you going to do another series? How about your different items of kitchen equipment--or at least an essay on your mandoline?
    Chris P

  2. Chris,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the little towers. Another series? I'll have to think about what it could be...

    I think a mandoline post is a good idea. I'll work on that one. Thanks for the suggestion!


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