Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hedges, Again

Ok, this is the last of the hedge pictures. Above is the infamous ditch and the two (heavy) shutters I used to bridge it. The ladder goes on top, and I teeter around up there with the trimmer. Below, the completed back hedge. Yippee!

Now all we have to do is rake up the clippings and haul them to the compost pile. By the way, there is still a small section of hedge that isn't done yet. It's in the back to the right of the section shown in the photo above. It's behind the garden shed and there's a bunch of junk along side. I may not do it this year. We shall see.


  1. Walt, your hedge is just divinement magnifique, bravo!

    And, if I may say, I do think you should go ahead and do that last bit..just think how happy and satisfied you'll feel when it's done.

  2. Ça veut dire quoi YOU DA MAN, s'il te plaît, Walt ? You do it ? Marie qui regrette de ne pas pouvoir utiliser de guillemets pour les citations...

  3. YOU DA MAN is "street talk" for "You are the man." It's like saying, "Super Mec !" I think...


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