Saturday, September 02, 2006

Window Displays

Central Rouen, like most cities, is filled with shops and boutiques. Their window displays run the gamut from simple to elaborate, basic to whimsical. Some windows show exactly what you will find inside the store, others present an idea or feeling in the hope that shoppers will wander in. To wit:

Camera store? Newstand?

A few of the clothing brands available inside this store.

Hard to know what's going on here...

Hats for flappers!

Interesting side note: two days after seeing the hat shop, we had lunch in Paris and one of the wait staff bore an eerie resemblance to the mannequin seen above...


  1. I love French hat shops. There certainly are a lot of them, but I never see any lovelies wearing the hats. Perhaps I don't attend the right kinds of functions in France...
    Chris P

  2. You're right about that - maybe they're all worn down at Cannes or during the racing season, whenever that is...


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