Sunday, September 10, 2006

More From Dieppe

Lunch in Dieppe was delicious. Ken ate oysters to start, while I had amandes farcies. No, not stuffed almonds, but amandes de mer. They're shellfish that resemble scallops but are much smaller. Inside, they're kind of like clams. They were done up with garlic, butter, and parsley much like snails and served on the half shell; yummmm!

Our main course was mussels; Ken had them with cream and I had them marinière style. We both had frites. Marie also had the amandes farcies and I've forgotten what Françis had for his entrée. Both he and Marie had skate wing, aile de raie, for the main course, and it looked superb.

More nautical images from the harbor in Dieppe:

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  1. Bonjour/bonsoir :-)

    J'adore ces photos de bateau, le vert est très beau !

    I think Francis had oysters since he loves them ;-) !

    We had a great meal and it was "une bonne affaire" (a good deal ??? Or a good bargain, Professor Walt ?) since we only paid 15€ for "une entrée/a starter, "un plat principal"/a maind course et... le dessert !!!! Est-ce qu'on leur dit que vous avez bu du Calva, les Gars ;-) ??? Bises. Marie


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