Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shiver Me Timbers !

Dieppe, in Normandy on the English Channel, is a port town. The central harbor, closest to the center of town, is filled mainly with pleasure craft these days. But the port still bustles with commercial traffic both fishing and freight.

In fact, while we were eating lunch in a restaurant that overlooked the port, a huge tanker was escorted into the port. If it were tipped up on end, it would have been as tall as a 15 storey building. It was amazing to watch it glide silently by a few yards from our table. I didn't have the camera with me for that one. What do they say about the big ones always getting away?

The harbor at Dieppe. We ate lunch in a restaurant in one of the buildings on the left.

The Itron-Varia.

The Michele-Geoffrey.

The Bulle 3 is a diving boat that belongs to the club that our friend Françis dives with. He said the color makes it easy to spot when you pop up from the deep. It also makes it hard to miss in port.

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  1. Yes, you're right ! And do you remember I call it "un bateau de... martiens", lol ? Bon samedi ! The weather is very nice over here ! Yep, I'm not lying, lol !/Je ne mens pas ! Marie


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