Thursday, September 07, 2006

Norman Grafitti

Again, on our walk through central Rouen we saw many things. Among them was some interesting, albeit off-color, grafitti.

I can't tell if this was done by one "artist" or two - did the person with the black paint come by later and "enhance" the job done by the person with the white paint? Or was it the same person?

Simply: "I ♥ your ass." There's no telling why the English "I" is used instead of the French "Je."

This is it from Rouen for now. Next up: Dieppe, on the coast of la Manche, otherwise known as the English Channel.

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  1. But you didn't say where this "graffiti" had been written... ;-) ! Afraid of shocking your "public", Walt ;-) ??? Bonne journée ! Marie


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