Sunday, October 01, 2006

Albany In The Mist

This is my home town, Albany, NY, at sunrise on Saturday morning, September 30. The fog on the Hudson River is beginning to burn off. I captured this image from the live webcam atop the Twin Towers building. The camera is owned by the local CBS affiliate, Channel 6, and I often check in to see how things look.

Ken and I are taking a trip to the US next week and will be spending about a week in Albany, so I thought this image would be appropriate as we prepare our journey. We're also going to the southern Adirondaks, Washington, DC, North Carolina, Atlanta, Alabama, Kentucky, and Illinois.

This is the Twin Towers building in Albany where the webcam is located. It's only one building about 20 storeys tall and it's called the Twin Towers because the façade has two identical protrusions from the bulk of the building that resemble towers. At any rate, we hope to be online during our trip, posting photos as we go. There may be some gaps in our posting, but keep checking back for updates. We'll have our laptop with us and hope to stay in touch. We have friends staying at our house in France while we're away, so we feel very good about leaving.

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