Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Outlook

It's Friday and the weather is changing. It's warming up and the rain is moving in. It should be raining by this afternoon and it's forecast to continue through Saturday. It will be an interesting change.

This morning, as the clouds began to move in, Ken and I walked over to the beach to see the sunrise.

There were a few people out walking or fishing, and we could see, as you can in the photo above, the lighthouse out on Cape Lookout. It was a brilliant morning and I'll put more photos up later.

Today our plan is to run some errands (we're sending a box back home through the mail) and try to hit the NC aquarium this afternoon. Our attempt to go there yesterday was thwarted by a private event that closed the aquarium for most of the afternoon. Something fishy was going on...


  1. Teeheehee... something fishy at the aquarium.

    I've had the most success uploading videos using google:

    Am enjoying hearing about your trip and seeing the photos. (I won't tell you that it is supposed to be nearly 80 degrees today. Oops, I just did!)


  2. Oh, Walt, I love this golden photo. Think I'm going to save it as my background on my desktop. What a beauty. Thanks so much.

    Enjoy the beach. It's always given me so much peace.

  3. The sunrise photo is really something special--worth getting up early for!
    Chris P

  4. Hi Walt and Ken,
    If it makes you feel any better we had frost last night in Albany, NY, the heat has been on for about a week, we have been wearing winter coats and gloves and we saw snow last weekend on the top of the mountains of Vermont just an hour away! So your weather down south can only be warmer.
    Being the ocean lovers we are, we love the pictures, particularly the ones of the aquarium and the beach.
    Just looking at the ocean should soothe your souls and red noses. If it doesn't, at least you'll be prepared for Christmas!!!


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