Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Special Photo

This is a special photo for Amy H. at Chitlins & Camembert. While in Washington DC's Eastern Market we saw this butcher catering to local Washingtonians. We, however, did not partake.

Here are two more familiar sights from Washington:

The Lincoln Memorial.

The Washington Monument seen from the Tidal Basin.

Tomorrow we head to Atlanta for a few days and a visit to the new Georgia Aquarium. We're back in North Carolina on Sunday for a week in a condo on the beach. See you soon!


  1. Ah, andouillettes- one of Lewis' favorite things;-)
    Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

  2. Bonjour !

    Merci pour ces belles photos ! Dis, Walt, était-ce toi qui cherchais le nom du sculpteur d'un groupe de danseuses... ??? J'ai trouvé ce groupe de danseuses dans le livret qu'Evelyn m'avait offert en revenant de Washington, quand nous prenions notre verre de Vouvray moelleux sur votre balcon si sympa : The Dancers by George SEGAL (1971 and 1982)... On les trouve à la National Gallery of Art... Bises. Marie

  3. Great photos, great weather, even better company!!


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