Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Word Of The Week


This is an interesting word. If you are an anglophone, it does mean what it seems to mean. But that's only this word's second definition in French.

The primary definition is much different. It means cloudy, as in a cloudy liquid or a liquid that is not clear. I learned the word for its meaning relating to wine. A cloudy wine is said to be "trouble.'' Just not clear; cloudy. Amazing, no?


  1. It comes from the same latin word as "turbid", "turbulent", or "turpitude", I think.

  2. Yes, amazing indeed! Hope you find no troubling wines on your trip! Enjoy.

  3. Ginny, we've had good luck so far. An interesting Cab-Franc and a red blend from Millbrook, both good, and a nice dry white from the Finger Lakes. Yum!


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