Monday, October 30, 2006

Kite Festival

A stars-and-strips kite at Atlantic Beach.

The Atlantic Beach Kite Festival took place on our final weekend in Morehead City, NC. We had no idea, of course, until the loudspeakers they had set up out on the beach started blaring Beethoven early Saturday morning.

Surf's up!

The previous night's storm had blown by leaving us with warm temperatures and plenty of wind. The surf was up and we were curious as to what was happening down on the beach. We got dressed and walked down to see.

People gathering for the kite festival.

It was early, but there were some people gathered on the beach nonetheless and we saw several kites up in the air. Others were getting ready to launch. The kites were up all day and into the night - we saw several kites that evening that had on-board lights. Some blinked, some spun and others were just multi-colored shapes in the night sky. It was a nice send-off!

A multi-colored kite rises from the dunes on Atlantic Beach.

On Sunday morning we got up early and packed out of our condo for the ten and a half hour drive to Anniston, Alabama. We arrived around 6 pm at the beautiful home of our friends Evelyn and Lewis and were welcomed with open arms, a couple bottles of Vouvray to make us feel at home, and a supper of Brunswick stew and home made cornbread. Yum!

By the way, just so you know we're in the South, here's something you can find in the local supermarkets:

Bubba Burgers on sale in the local supermarket; original and onion flavor!

Speaking of supermarkets, I was suprised to see in one local market that the section where you find butter was actually labeled "Margarine." There was every kind of fake butter spread you can imagine, but only two kinds of real butter (store brand and Land-O-Lakes). And only one of those came unsalted. There must have been twenty varieties of butter-like spreads in various kinds of containers/shapes/tubs. I CAN believe it's not butter...


  1. You took pictures in a supermarket! It's a wonder you weren't arrested :-).

    John H.

  2. John, I was discreet. heh, heh, heh.


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