Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rain In Rock Hill

It was a pretty bad night of coughing and generally not sleeping. And now it's raining. I think I've gone through a box of kleenex a day for the past few days. Ugh.

And, we have a whole day in the car ahead. Double ugh. The good news is that this evening we'll be in our own condo for a whole week and can hopefully recover. Ken said he's feeling better this morning, so that's a good thing. In fact, he's almost chipper. I hate chipper.

As promised, here are some more phishy photos.

Jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Like Monterey, there is a jellyfish exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium. Unlike Monterey, it's pretty small and there aren't many varieties of jellies.

A whale shark high above my head.

The big draw at the GA is the open ocean tank that contains many varieties of sea life. And the star attraction here is the collection of about five whale sharks. They are truly amazing creatures and they impress you as they glide by the big window or above your head when you're in the acrylic tunnel under the tank.

One of the smaller whale sharks comes close to the window of the big tank.

Thanks for keeping the comments coming. Our connection to the internet depends on the availability of wireless networks where we're staying and internet cafés when we can find them. The connections are not the best and our laptop is old and we often lose the connection in the middle of doing things, so it's a slow and frustrating process. Thanks for sticking with us!

We have two more weeks in the USA before heading back to France. We miss home, but we're enjoying seeing friends, family and the sights. I do long for my own bed...

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  1. Hi Ken and Walt,
    We're in Ohio and I'm reading your blog on Phil's laptop. I just played a rousing game of Candyland with Karen (using Calvinball rules) and Tony has a cold. The weather has gone from 70 and sunny yesterday to 30 and snowing today. Get well soon!
    Chris P


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