Sunday, December 24, 2006

Frosty Eve

It's Christmas Eve and the web traffic has died down. I presume most folks are traveling or shopping, busying themselves with final preparations, wrapping, decorating, cooking. Some are already eating and drinking; good for them...

For those of you who are still surfing, here is the scene around St. Aignan this weekend:

The frost forms on the railing of our terrace.

The grass in the vineyard is frosty.

Not exactly a winter wonderland, but we'll take it. It beats shoveling snow. Merry Christmas Eve (and stop calling me Eve...) !


  1. It's almost a white Christmas ;) And as you said, it beats shoveling snow!
    Have a merry Christmash

  2. Call me Eve anytime....

    Merry Christmas, Walt and Ken.

  3. Claude, bonnes fêtes à vous aussi.

    Evelyn, all the best to you and Lewis.

  4. Happy B'day! The rollover to the new year is indeed special. And greetings from Roanoke Island & Nags Head where we're vegging and cooking, too, for the holidays. --E

  5. Calling you Eve, quelle idée, lol ! Il n'y a qu'une Eve, c'est notre Evelyn, na ! Bises and thanks for the interesting reports :-) Bonnes Fêtes de Fin d'Année ! Marie


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