Saturday, December 02, 2006

Laurie Plays in Anniston

Our friends in Alabama , Evelyn and Lewis, introduced us to their friend Laurie who came to visit us in 2005. While she was here, Ken took her to the Château de Montrésor where the tour guide showed them a piano that was once played by Chopin. When the guide found out that Laurie is an organist, he offered to let her play the piano, which she did.

I wish I had been there to take a video, but alas, it was one of those moments that didn't get recorded. However, this past October we had the good fortune to visit St. Michael's church in Anniston with Laurie where she was able to play the church organ, and I got it on video!

St. Michael's in Anniston, Alabama. Is putting an American flag in front of a church a new thing? I don't remember seeing that as a kid...

With no further ado, here's a short clip:

A few of the windows in the church:

We really enjoyed Laurie's playing and hope you do, too!

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  1. C'est super de pouvoir entendre Laurie jouer alors qu'on est à des milliers de km :-) ! Bises et bonne soirée ! Marie


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