Monday, December 11, 2006


For many years, before we moved to France, I was in the habit of making biscotti around the holidays. Sometimes I wrapped some for gifts, other times they just sat in a tin on the counter and we ate them with coffee or tea until they were gone.

I haven't made any since we moved, but this weekend I got the urge. So, into our well-stocked pantry I went, pulled together the ingredients, and made a batch.

These have toasted walnuts rather than almonds and include finely ground hazelnuts in the batter. They came out well; I think I'll make some more!


  1. Yum--they look great!

    So what's the deal with toasting nuts, anyway? Better flavor (I'm guessing)? When you cook something like biscotti, don't the nuts get toasted?

    I'm just wondering because I've made plenty of recipes that just call for nuts, but lately there've been a few that call for toasted nuts. I'm sure you must know, Walt.

  2. Those of us her in MacLand, San Carlos, can see your nice banner just fine.

  3. Ginny - most recipes I use call for toasting them first, except some recipes that use walnuts. I think it does bring out the nutty flavor more, and keeps them from becoming soggy in a recipe. It must depend on the recipe.

    Chris - thanks. Ginny sent me a screenshot from her mac and there are some problems that she sees. Are there different browsers in MacLand? I've heard of Safari, but are there others?


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