Friday, December 08, 2006

My Inner European

No surprises here!

Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.

You have the best of everything - at least, *you* think so.

In other news, we are having weather today. The rain started around 6:30 this morning, and there was some lightning and thunder. We have wind warnings, with gusts up to 100 kph predicted for mid-day.

Above is the carte de vigilance for today put out by Météo France. We're smack in the middle of the orange area, with high wind warnings. Gusts over 60 mph are predicted, with sustained winds around 30 mph - it all sounds more impressive in kilometers/hour. Of course, the wind will be much stronger on the coast.

We battened down the hatches before bed last night. That means that we took in our deck chairs (which we needed to do anyway for winter) and anything else that might blow around, put the car in the garage, and closed all the shutters on the house. Our storms come from the south and west, so the shutters on the west side of the house will stay closed most of the day; that's the side with the bedrooms and bathroom. One summer, during a high wind storm, we watched lawn chairs and a table blow across the yard. We're taking no chances today.

The only thing we really need to worry about is a tree limb falling into a window. With the shutters closed, I think we're pretty safe. The other pain-in-the-butt is the possibility that we'll lose power and/or phone. Power loss means no cooking (gasp!) and phone loss means no internet (double gasp!). We can always open a bottle of wine...


  1. Yeah, it's a good thing we don't depend on an electric corkscrew! And we do have the wood stove now, in case it ever turns cold. Make sure your camera battery is all charged up. And cross your fingers that one of those big spruce trees doesn't fall on the house.

  2. it's funny when we lose tv, internet, etc., how a simple bottle of wine can be a wonderful substitute!


  3. Run around: ain't it the truth?! Of course, we need no excuse to open a bottle, or two...

    Turns out the storm was much less threatening than predicted. But we still had some wine.


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