Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Word Of The Week


Television is a source of many new words for me. In fact, I've learned a lot of my French vocabulary from watching TV shows (talk, cooking, game shows, etc.) and movies in French over the years.

While perusing the TV guide last week, I noticed this fine film in the schedule: L'Attaque des sangsues géantes. Now, it's obvious that something giant is attacking, but what are sangsues?

I won't leave you in suspense... they're leeches. Yuck. Attack of the Giant Leeches. This movie, made in 1959 by B. Kowalski, was one of many in the "nuclear technology will result in horrible mutations and that can't be good for mankind" genre. Remember Them! - giant mutant ants; same stuff.

I didn't watch the movie.


  1. He he! I must have seen one of those films, because I knew the english word. I have never seen a real life one, and hope never to ;)

  2. Very interesting, but I hope never to have the occasion to use this word.


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