Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Word Of The Week


While watching Fiches Cuisine on Cuisine TV the other day, the host, Carinne, slid her creation from the oven tray to a platter by grabbing hold of the parchment paper on which the dish had baked and pulling it quickly to the platter. I believe she was making something with foie gras, in which she had built up layers of foie gras and other ingredients inside a mold, then baked it for a while. Once moved to the serving platter, she slid the paper out from underneath, then slipped the mold off the completed dish.

As she slid the foie gras tower from baking tray to platter, she said, "Je ripe le tout de la plaque vers l'assiette." She used today's word, the verb riper, which means to slide or slip something from one place to another, as in slipping cookies off a cookie sheet onto a platter.


  1. Well, you taught me a word today! ;)

  2. Et moi aussi, j'ai appris kek chose de nouveau : à savoir le sens initial de "riper", je ne connaissais que le sens de "déraper"... Merci, Professeur Walt :-) ! Marie


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