Sunday, December 10, 2006

Peace Lily

Called a faux arum voile blanche in French, the spathiphyllum/spathophylium is a lush tropical plant with deep green foliage and nice white flowers .

Ours was a gift from our friends Gerri and Phil, who offered it as a housewarming present when they visited us in August 2003, not long after we moved into this house.

It has thrived ever since, enjoying its home at the edge of an east-facing window where it gets dappled morning sun in the summer and otherwise bright indirect light. It has survived one re-potting, and Ken plans to divide it in the spring.


  1. very pretty and delicate looking, but I'm sure it's a lot more sturdy than it appears.

  2. I have a large peace lily in my apartment that seems to bloom year-round now. It currently has three blooms despite being in the middle of winter. Maybe that's normal ... I don't know much about plants.

  3. r.a.p. - yes, it's pretty sturdy, but needs to be rinsed (in the shower) frequently and watered or the leaves get all wilted!

    Jebb - these plants do bloom year round once they're established and happy.


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