Monday, December 04, 2006

November Temperatures

Ken and I have both been saying how warm it was this past November compared to last year. Since we keep records of our daily highs and lows, I thought I'd do a little comparison. In both cases below, if you really want to read the charts it'll be easier to click on them for a larger view.

Here are the actual highs and lows recorded at our house for the month of November, both for 2005 and 2006:

November 2005 & 2006 highs and lows.

Since that chart is a bit busy, I computed the median temperature for each day (the mid-point between high and low) and charted that for both years:

November 2005 & 2006 daily median temperatures.

You can see that while November started out warmer last year, it quickly plunged into coldness. Here we are now in December and the warm trend continues. Of course, "warm" depends on your point of view...

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  1. Our highs in 2006 have been higher than the highs in 2005 for a lot of Nov. into December. But the interesting thing is that our LOW temps have been higher than last year's HIGH temps.

    In fact, in 2005 winter weather started early and it stayed cold until the end of March. That was a long winter.


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