Saturday, December 23, 2006

Photo Du Jour : Fromages

From several recent meals, a tome de montagne on the left and a bleu de Bresse on the right.

The tome is a typical mountain cheese from eastern France, usually in and around Savoie in the French Alps. It's a cow's milk cheese that's mild, but with a nutty kind of flavor.

The bleu comes from nearby, but closer to Lyon, in the Ain. Also a cow's milk cheese, it's described as being similar to Italian gorgonzola.

Our local market on Saturdays includes the cheese ladies, two young women who staff their booth and dispense eggs, cream, butter and all and every manner of cheese. We typically get our parmigiano reggiano from them as well, since most supermarkets only carry tiny packets of grated parmesan.

On Sundays, the cheese folks are at the Noyers market across the river, so if there's anything we forgot on Saturday, we can run over there for it!

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