Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kitchen Collection [51]

The stock pot is another essential tool for the home cook. Normal pots are just not big enough to do serious stock making. You need something tall and deep, but not so wide that it doesn't fit on your burner.

The 12-quart stock pot and strainer insert.

The strainer insert is not essential, though it can make pulling the bones of a chicken out of your soup stock a bit easier. But most stocks get strained anyway, so there you go.

This pot also doubles as a great spaghetti cooker!


  1. I was just thinking what a great way to cook pasta... Vida x

  2. That is indeed one very large pot! I can't help thinking of all those delicious meals it has been used to cook up.

  3. vida, the only problem is that you need a good burner to get all that water boiling.

    ekettle, oh, I can't begin to tell you...

  4. Wow! What a huge pot! I don't know how you'd fit one of those in most Parisian kitchens! Or should I say miniature kitchens!



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