Monday, December 31, 2007

Seen In Provence

A few more miscellaneous shots taken on our Provence trip in 1993. As I've mentioned, many of the slides are out of order and I can't remember where I took some of them. Maybe Ken can?

A cat and a downspout.

A blue window and streetlight.

Wide open windows let in the summer breeze.

This is the final post of 2007. I had an unofficial goal of posting once for every day this year and I've done it - 365 posts in 2007!


  1. I love the pics, Walt. Each day this is my second stop after Ken's blog. Thanks for sharing so much. Happy New Year to you and Ken.

    Waco, Texas

    P.S.- My three year-old daughter likes the cat (and wanted me to tell you so).

  2. Hi Walt,

    I too read your blog every day and love your photos.

    You mentioned scanning your slides a while back; I was wondering if you could comment on how you scan the slides. The picture quality is certainly excellent.

    Keep up the good work. Happy New Year to you and Ken.

  3. Congratulations on posting everyday of 2007- I've enjoyed all of your posts. Happy New Year to you and Walt.

  4. In those villages, I'm always taken by surprise (nicely) by a blue door here, a blue window there...It gives a youthful appearance to an old greyish building. Maybe it will work on me! Congratulations on blogging everyday in such an interesting manner. Happy New Year to all of you!

  5. Je t'ai volé tous tes toits de Séguret, car j'en ai besoin pour réparer le toit en tôle d'une ravissante petite église romane près de Digne. Si j'arrive a faire ce que j'escompte, je t'enverrai le résultat. Depuis des années je te le répète, tes photos sont magnifiques et originales. Bonne année et bonne santé à tous les trois.

  6. Hmmm, I meant Happy New Year to you and Ken, - Callie, too! No I wasn't drinking Champagne when I wrote earlier.

  7. dan, thanks for stopping by, and Happy 2008!

    anon, thanks. I use a CanoScan 4400 flatbed scanner. It has an attachment that allows you to load up 4 slides at a time. Once scanned, I use photoshop to correct any light or color distortion from the scan. It's pretty easy, once you get started.

    evelyn, thanks, and same to you and Lewis.

    claudia, I enjoy the spare use of bold colors as accents in the towns and villages. It's easy on the eye.

    chm, merci, et je t'en prie. Je regarde en avant (!) pour contempler ton église retouché.

  8. Super, ton blog, Walt ! Bravo pour ce travail si minutieux et dont le résultat nous comble :-) Bises. Marie (Normandie)


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