Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mow.

Friday was a brilliant day and I got most of the grass cut. Most importantly, I got the "north forty" done for the first time this year. That grass was gettin' a bit high.

Part of the north forty seen from our deck.

When the mower digs through the tall grass and wildflowers, it works hard and uses a lot of gasoline. It's not as clean a cut as I'll have next week when I do it all again.

Another view of the north forty.

There are three distinct sections to the yard that are separated by grape vines and the gravel path. Pictured here is what I call the "north forty" because it's on the north side of the house. Out back, the "west forty" is the largest section, full of apple and plum trees and the vegetable garden. That means lots of maneuvering.

A shot of the house from across the road.

Finally there's the "south forty" directly out the back door. It's got a two smaller sections dotted with shrubs and separated by smaller gravel winding paths. That section is a real pain in the butt to mow.

I also have the "supplemental bits," that is, outside the fence and hedge along the road. I save those for last. Yesterday I did the north and west forties. Today I'll finish up with the south forty and the supplemental bits.


  1. It's lovely but it's a big yard. You said that you'll do it again next week?!!! You trim the edges?

  2. Looks like you got your >21° C according to the weather map I saw on the "Journal de 13hrs de TF-1" of today.
    This is a big yard that you've got - good luck for getting everything done.
    The last of the snow disappeared ( we are lucky for the warm weather and the sunny days) last Thursday and now it's time for spring cleaning here.

  3. I hear you, Walt! I have a 'back 40' that I started landscaping a few years ago but had to give it up and let it grow wild because my property is too big for one person to take care of.


  4. you've got a nice home! and woah.. what a big yard! so it's a hardwork mowing all those grasses ya??

  5. claudia, yeah, it starts out weekly, then as it gets dryer (ha ha) I can let it go 10 to 14 days. And yes, I trim the edges, once they get to the point where I can't stand it anymore!

    bettyann, I'll bet it's nice in the wild state - and the critters must enjoy it!

    kyh, thanks!


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