Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bean Patch

I wish I had thought of taking pictures when I planted the first row of beans, but I didn't. You may remember that I planted five rows of green beans successively over two months. I did it to ensure a continuous harvest. These images show the final row just after planting and its progress over the past few weeks.

Well we've had two harvests so far. The first, a small one, was quickly made into an Italian green bean dish and eaten. The second harvest was much more substantial and I blanched and froze two packages of beans. Each package weighs in at about 375 grams. And I'm still only working on the first two rows.

There are many more beans out there getting bigger every day, and the third row is about to begin its production. There are still rows four and five to come, if we're lucky and the weather holds. And blanching and freezing the beans is turning out to be very easy, and much less trouble than canning.


  1. You'll have a freezer full of green beans! I'll look forward to a winter of Walt's green bean recipe of the week.

  2. Could you come to Lille and take care of my plants/non-garden? I need some help...

  3. Just so you know... I harvested another big batch from the first two rows today. Yippee!

  4. louise, me too!

    reb, can I bring Callie? ;)


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