Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vineyard Sunrise

On Saturday I took Callie out for our normal morning walk. The morning was clear and the sun was just coming up. I like this time of year. Late summer, moving into fall.

The sun rises over our little hamlet.

The grapes are looking pretty ripe now. Ken just found out from the grower (he bought some wine from them on Saturday) that the harvest is scheduled for the end of September, about three weeks from now. It all depends on the weather, I'm sure.

The dew point is high; everything is wet in the morning.

The season change is imminent. We can feel it in the air and see it in the plants around us. Fall is my favorite season and we're both looking forward to it. I've actually found myself hoping for snow this winter. Wow.

Vines in the morning light.

We're getting We got our wood this weekend, en principe. That means that I've got the big job of cutting it into burnable size before the heating season begins. I've already got the chainsaw blades sharpened, so I'm ready.

The dirt road through the vineyard.


  1. I agree, Fall is my favorite season as well! I am looking forward to take some walks through the vineyards in October when the leaves are bright red.

  2. The vines look great! Vive les vigneroles! Ours are nearly ready for harvesting as well. Hope they did well this year.

  3. justin, will this be your first fall in France?

    rachael, the grapes look pretty good!

  4. I was here last fall. My friend (who no longer lives here) and I went out a lot and explored in the French countryside during the Fall. We walked through vineyards and went to a lot of caves, while visiting a bit of the surrounding area. Everything was so beautiful, so I am planning on doing the same this year.


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