Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Wish It Was May Again

August has begun to feel very fall-like. I'm certain hoping we'll have more good weather, but right now I'm longing for some of this...

A typical spring scene in Touraine/Sologne.

... and the promise of summer yet to come. Oh well. Fall is just around the corner, and as you've been reading, we're gearing up for fall chores, getting the house and yard ready for winter.

In addition to wood-cutting and hedge-trimming, I've got another project: I want to take down a dead and dying apple tree in the yard. It's not all that big, so I think I can do it. And the kindling and fire wood it'll make will be great.

Before I tackle that, I have to go to the hardware store and get my chainsaw chains sharpened. They're so dull from last fall's wood cut that they probably wouldn't slice butter.


  1. You have a big job ahead of you. All the best in cutting that tree. Just remember that Callie has the most important work of us all. What would happen if the moon did not set in the sky? I think Callie deserves a special treat...

  2. claudia, she also brings rotting apples into the house for us to find. And don't worry, she gets plenty of treats!

  3. I wish it was the beginning of June too. We've had a pretty rotten summer! I'm still in the clouds, here in the Bénerville and every day the weather report says it'll be better tomorrow.
    16° again on my balcony this morning. The deckchair is out but hasn't been much used, except by the cat who loves sleeping out there...


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