Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kitchen Collection Revisited

Do you remember Kitchen Collection? For about a year I posted a weekly photo of something from our kitchen. Now I've made a collage of all the images, and here it is:

The Kitchen Collection.
(click on image for a larger view)

Some of the pictures end up a bit cropped since the program makes them all the same size, but the essence is there. I'm thinking of doing something similar with the Eiffel Tower series. What do you think?

ps - If you're a glutton, you can click on the "kitchen collection" category in the sidebar and look at the original entries.


  1. This is a fascinating, also mysterious, tableau. Intriguing and colourful bits and pieces. Of course now, I will have to make the complete round of the Kitchen Collection.

    I love your Eiffel Tower series. It would be fun to see them all in an artful composition.

  2. I would love to see your Eiffel Tower colleciton! I have a small collection as well - I love the Eiffel Tower, though I'm so terrified of htights I've never been able to go to the top of it.


  3. Very arty - I like it a lot. Are you going to print posters?

  4. I think your collage is awesome! I'd like to try doing that with our Christmas tree ornaments.
    Where did you find your program?

    Congratulations on your green bean crop- I've picked many a peck of them as a child. I love green beans cooked down until they are a very dark color.The bacon addition to the pot may have made the beans turn such a dark color.

    My Dad sometimes added potatoes at the end of the cooking and they are good with the beans.

  5. I love the collage!! I, too, am curious what program you used?

    I'm doing a food/recipe-reading unit right now with my French-4 students, and I wish there were some way to include your collage! I may end up making a webpage... may I use it (with credit!), if I do? I might put links to the Ken and Walt blog listings of different foods you've prepared, as well, if that's okay? (I showed my kids the Julia Child bio from The Food Network the other day and made a little page for her on my school webpage... then I'll be showing them some of the videos from the "The Way to Cook" series... it took them a minute to warm up to her odd voice, but I think I've won them over on her behalf :)) They're already talking about the charming love match between Julia and Paul :)) AND... one of the girls realized that they have "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" at home so it inspired her and one of the other girls to make one of the dishes that weekend at home! I think it was some kind of Poulet aux champignons et à la crème.



  6. You are so artistic! Love the collage!

  7. How cool! Yes, please, do one with your Eiffel Tower collection.


  8. all, thanks! I used Picasa, it's part of the free google family of products. Picasa is the image handler for blogger now.

    I'll work on the towers for an upcoming post.

    judy, you can certainly use the image if you'd like. I could send you the actual .jpg file if that would help.

  9. I LOVE the kitchen collage! The colors, shapes and textures all mix really well together. I vote for a poster size! Not that there was a vote...but if there was one...

  10. Very sharp looking collection. Visually pleasing as always. I like the idea of an Eiffel Tower collage. A collage of Ile d'Oleron might be nice too.

  11. susan, many thanks! There actually is an option in picasa for making posters of photos...

    rachael, good ideas. I'm going to have to play around a bit with the program to see how I can vary the presentation a bit.

  12. Great collage, some interesting items there.

    Would love to see one of the Eiffel Tower.!


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