Monday, August 18, 2008

Bidet Poll Results

As promised, here are the results of the Great Bidet Poll. Forty-three readers cast sixty-seven votes! I'm impressed...
  • 16 people have used a bidet as intended.
  • 25 people have used a bidet for other things.
  • 3 people have a bidet at home.
  • 9 people want a bidet at home.
  • 12 people have never used a bidet.
  • 2 people have never seen a bidet.
And absolutely none of you said, "yuck, ick, gross!"

This goes to show that wcs : Another American in France readers are well traveled (at least in France) and quite savvy.

I would add tasteful, too, but that's just my bias.


  1. maybe we are just too frenchified...

  2. One can never be too frenchified! ;-)


  3. You know, I go home to the US for a week or two and look what I miss?! I mean, how often will I have the opportunity to be involved in a bidet discussion/vote? I need to be more diligent about things when I'm in Texas. I have to go now because I have become insanely hungry after looking at your vegetable pictures in previous posts...

  4. Hmm -- I am sorry to have missed the poll. My answers would have been -- I have a bidet at home and I use a bidet for other things (nothing spicy, just putting other things in or on it.

  5. I used the bidet in my au pair family's bathroom to wash off the teddy bear of one of my little kids when we all got head lice :))) Now THAT is "yuck, ick, gross!" (During that bout, I discoverd MY first louse during class one day at the Alliance... I wonder if you happened to be in class that day? Man, was I horrified when I scratched my head and there was a little critter squirming on my finger!!!! yuck!!!!)


  6. p.s.Walt, do you remember if we were in any classes together that year? I was in a phonetics and pronunciation class, and in 19th century lit,I think... and I can't remember what else.

  7. reb, could be!

    bettyann, better than being french-fried!

    susan, that'll learn 'ya! Welcome back!

    lif, thanks!

    judy, that sounds horrible, but obviously you survived. I was in the phonetics class that Ken taught, but the others don't sound familiar.

  8. This is one poll I missed. I've used a bidet to soak dirty linen, or to wash my feet. I had the bidet at my home removed. Made room for a washing-machine. And I am surprised at the amount of bidets in hotel rooms these days!

  9. hmm we've used a bidet for other purposes like being a magazine rack or chilling beverages and stuff haha. But then we decided to finally use the bidet correctly. Well we don't put magazines or other things in the bidet anymore haha! At first it was uncomfortable, but after we got used to it, we actually prefer that over tp now.


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