Monday, August 25, 2008


These are the second batch of poires (pears) from our tree this year. It's a small poirier (pear tree), and it's quite old according to the woman from whom we bought the house.

A few pears from the tree.

The pears are hard as rocks, so we put them in paper bags to ripen them. The first batch ended up in a cake. These, if I'm lucky, will go into a tarte.

And even though we've seen them in the vineyard, I've yet to see une perdrix dans le poirier (a partridge in our pear tree).


  1. ooo! send me some! I've got a great pear tatin recipe!

  2. hah hah :))

    When you say "very old", how old do you mean? decades or centuries? :)) I wonder how long a poirier would last?

    I love that kind of pear. miam miam!


  3. Your photo is so good. Pears look luxurious...My mother put them in a fruit bowl with bananas for softening. It seemed to work.

  4. reb, oooh, maybe you would share that recipe?

    judy, it's probably as old as the house. At least 30 yrs, maybe 35.

    claudia, that sounds like a good idea. But since I'm out of bananas, the paper bag should work. And they're in with apples...

  5. One of my friends claims that if you put apples in a bowl fruit with any other fruit, they'll get ripe in no time. It does work with bananas, but I'm not sure if it does with pears.
    Anyway, they look delicious.
    I love pears

  6. I love pears! Making poires en croute with caramel inside is a nice dessert,

  7. They remind me of pears from a tree in our next door neighbor's yard when I was very short. That would make that tree "quite old" as well. And they stayed hard and crisp even when they were ripe enough to eat. Yum. I prefer them to the soft mushy kind.

  8. Appealing for recipes for pear or apple crumble. Followers of Walt's blog, do you have a favorite?

  9. claude, I think apples would work.

    rachael, that sounds yummy!

    papa, I like them best cooked, but soft and juicy is good, too.

    cheryl, good idea!


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