Friday, August 08, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

A dog in the grass. She looks happy, doesn't she?

I'm posing, take the darned picture!

Today we are going out to lunch at our local ferme auberge to meet someone that Ken knows through one of the France/travel forums he frequents on line.

I went out to the garden right after my dog walk this morning to check things out, and I picked two zucchini and a good bunch of green beans. There are at least five more zucs out there and nearly a dozen yellow squash that will be ready over the weekend. Yikes! And now that the beans have started, there should be a steady stream of them for a while.


  1. It's been fun making my daily visits to your blog. I have watched the dog grow from a pup to a mature adult. I am a real francophile fan and I used to post a lot on the Francophile site at Delphi. Is this the site that you were referring to?

  2. You look superb Callie. Love to see your daily show. Will miss you for a few days. Back next week.

  3. Hi Walt, Callie is becoming a real lady now ... she definitely has lost her 'baby fat' :).

    About your 'goaty' lunch. Did you like it? I had goat meat once in Portugal in 1987, or was it 1988? And it just tasted like goats smell :(! I hope your experience was less 'smelly'! Martine

  4. john, no, the site is Slow Travel, but Ken used to look at the delphi site a while back.

    claudia, she'll be here.

    martine, yes, the goat was good. It was done in a garlic and mustard sauce, slow-cooked until it was tender and falling apart.

  5. John, I still look at PBProvence's Francophile site some and post messages. I also spend some time on the Slow Travel France forum.

    Martine, I thought the goat was excellent. I posted about it today.

  6. the beans look fantastic and the puppy grrl looks full of 'em. kudos on both counts.


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