Friday, August 01, 2008

Volcano !

Okay, it's just a little ant hill. There's a certain place out in the vineyard where there are about fifteen or twenty of these little hills all together. They look like a miniature range of volcanoes.

What's funny is that whenever I'm out there and take a look, I never see any ants! Could they be nocturnal? Maybe they're away on vacation...


  1. I know where they are - here in my chambre de bonne! *S*

  2. Yes, you've sussed it - the ants are on vacation. I think only French ants do this, but I could be wrong. They go to places like the Caribbean, where there is a lot of sugar production. I guess the less affluent ones go up to northern France where the sugar beet is grown.
    Susan (la bebitte)

  3. sam, Well, just tell them that the party's over and to get their little butts back home! ;)

    susan, lol!


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