Monday, September 01, 2008

Use For Zucchini #37

A salad of chopped zukes, sun-dried tomatoes, and corn with a vinaigrette dressing:

The zuke gets chopped into small cubes.

It was good, too. We ate it after a starter of bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. We had both plain and herb/garlic cheese. Yum!

Smoked salmon ready to go!

These little cheeses are made to be spread on bread and they're a terrific stand-in for cream cheese, at least when we're eating bagels. They're also good with roasted red peppers, in the unlikely event that one runs out of goat cheese.

Little spreadable cheeses.


  1. I should know not to read your blog before I go to bed. Now I'm hungry!! If I can't fit into my wedding dress this October you are going to feel so bad. Ah, not really, no worries, nice pics too by the way...

  2. susan, thanks. I'm glad the photos make people hungry! They're often not as appetizing as the real thing, but then I get to smell and taste in addition to look... :)

  3. Hungry is an understatement. Try ravenous! I generally read your blogs (yours and Ken's) each morning and am starved long before lunch time. We were out of town this past weekend, so I'm catching up on a bunch at once and between the zucchini recipes, the rillions, and now, lox and bagels, I'm ready to dive into the monitor and devour it all. Keep up the delicious torture!

    ...Susan (the one who is not getting married in October)

  4. susan, glad you enjoy it! I like the new picture, too!

  5. This is making my mouth water too -- I think I had better start making dinner!


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