Thursday, September 25, 2008

Herbal Interlude

Just a photo of some of the herbs recently picked from our garden.

Thyme, parsley, rosemary.

They come in handy for all sorts of dishes. It's nice that they grow so well out there. I'll be back with the follow-up to Monday's meals soon!


  1. you should add some sage to the mix for that simon and garfunkel touch. :D (i know, it's TOTALLY unoriginal, but it just HAD to be said...)

  2. Why oh why can't I grow rosemary?!? My basil, thyme, sage, parsley and mint are growing like crazy, but however I try rosemary (pots, in the ground, whatever)it always goes woody and dies!
    Makes me crazy when I see it growing on the side of the road so well....

  3. Duchess,
    I was curious where you were because rosemary grows like weeds here in Calif. So glad to see that you are in France. I would trade all the rosemary in the world for some good French cheese.
    The grass is always greener....

  4. kylie, d'oh! I have tons of sage in the yard. Shoulda thought of that...

    duchess, I'll trade some rosemary for some basil. We moved our rosemary up against a south-facing wall and it seems to really like it there.

    cheryl, oh but love grows where my rosemary goes...


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