Saturday, September 06, 2008

Un Jour, Une Tour [Collage]

When I asked about doing a collage of the Eiffel Tower Series photos, I got a pretty positive response. So here it is:

The Eiffel Tower Collage.

I didn't use the picasa program for this since I wanted a format that differed from the square they offer. So I kind of free-formed it in photoshop. It ain't perfect, but it's close enough!

If you want to see the original photos, click on the eiffel tower category below or in the sidebar (you'll have to scroll down a bit when you get there).


  1. There can never be too many photos of La Tour Eiffel, thanks Walt!


  2. This montage is wonderful. We truly enjoyed visiting your Eiffel Tower collection when I was in Rehab.

    I am at NO 30 of the Kitchen collection. I discover things I didn't even know existed. Like Pie weights! It must be why I'm not a Chef. Only a trial-and-error uninspired cook...

  3. Very nice--creative format, too! I think I own most of those myself. Last count was over 100 Eiffels in my house. Not that its my favorite French thing but its the most recognizable landmark that people continue to buy me. Its fun.

  4. bettyann, I agree!

    claudia, I'm trial and error, too, but these days there's more trial and less error.

    rachael, wow! A hundred?? That's amazing!

  5. Well done. Nice use of layout and content to tell a story.



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