Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quiche Aux Courgettes

Otherwise know as zucchini quiche. I started by making the standard pâte brisée, or pie crust, and blind baking it. Then I finely grated a normal sized zucchini in the food processor, salted the grated flesh, and put it in a colander to drip.

A close up of mouth-watering goodness!

Next, I sautéed some smoked lardons (bacon), a medium onion, and another zucchini cut into disks. Each of these was done separately, but I started with the lardons and used the rendered fat to sautée the oinions. I added a little olive oil to the pan for the squash disks.

Sautéed onions, squash disks, and lardons, ready for assembly.

I then used a towel to squeeze the excess water from the grated zucchini so that it, too, could be lightly sautéed (the squash, not the water).

The finished pie, cooling a bit before slicing.

When the crust was baked, I sprinkled the lardons inside. Then I made the quiche batter with four eggs, a cup of milk, the sautéed onions, the grated zucchini, and about a cup of grated comté cheese. I poured the batter into the shell and arranged the zucchini disks on top. It all went into the oven for about forty-five minutes.


  1. Let's hope there isn't a health scare about the over-consumption of zucchini in the next couple of weeks! And for goodness sake, throw last year's out on the compost heap!!

  2. You are a very good cook. Love coming over here to see what delights you have prepared!

  3. Yummy!!


    p.s. Walt, please look at comment #18 on your Why I Hate America post. It's from my friend Joanne.

  4. susan, I am not afraid!

    anne, glad you're enjoying it. We need Taste-a-Blog!

    bettyann, thanks! I did see joanne's message. Very nice.

  5. Well if there is a health scare, every veggie gardener in the world and their mates are all doomed :-)


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