Friday, September 19, 2008

Black Eyed Susans

Late summer is prime time for these imports from California. You probably remember that they're planted next to our well and re-seed themselves each year.

(I forgot to put a caption here.)

During Tuesday's lunch, as we sat around table in the back yard enjoying rillons, quiche, cheeses, and apple tartes, I noticed how the sun lit the flowers. I got the camera and took a few quick shots from my seat.


  1. I'm glad you grabbed your camera, Walt. You caught the susans in the slanty sunshine that comes this time of year- I love that sort of light.

  2. Yours are still in their prime. Mine have started to lose their petals and turning a bit brownish. Was 2 C this morning at 4 am - guess will leave the planting of the Fall bulbs for over the WE :-)

  3. Walt, I got a little something for you on my blog ;)

  4. evelyn, yes, it was just one of those camera moments.

    beaver, oooh, that's chilly!

    reb, thanks! I'll get it together in the coming days.


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