Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Signs Of Impending Fall

We can tell fall is coming. The days are noticeably shorter. The temperatures are flirting with chilly. The plants and trees are just starting to show signs of change.

Some of summer's flowers have dried up.

I still hope that we'll have some nice September warmth, and even some good days in October. In fact, I'm certain that we will, based on previous experience. But you never know.

Blackberries are ripe and are being eaten by humans and wildlife.

As you probably know, we've got wood cutting and hedge trimming to do before it gets too cold and wet. And then the garden clean-up, some burning, and compost pile maintenance as well. Those things will wait until November.

Grapevine tendrils are drying out.

Until then, it's cross-our-fingers time for some more good dry weather.


  1. Bon courage for the wood cutting. We had to do it when we lived in Northern Ontario. The men even went in the wood to cut the trees. My job was to stack the logs. It never went much higher than my 5 feet height...

  2. Woodcutting is an annual event here which my husband enjoys. Is it the chainsaw that puts the fun in cutting wood? Because the glamor of it all totally escapes me.

    But wood heat is the best!

  3. claudia, thanks, now I have to wait until it stops raining!

    louise, there's glamor in it? Nobody told me!

  4. I love the top picture in your post. It looks like you've cropped it though. I'd love to see the whole image. The colours are beautiful and subtle.

  5. muzbot, thanks! It's actually just slightly cropped at the top to remove some dark background. I was pretty close to the subject with the camera in macro mode. I didn't have my tripod so it's a bit fuzzy, but not too much.


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