Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's Lumberjack Time Again

Yes, my friends, it's that time of year again. I dress in flannel, fire up my chainsaw, and cut the logs so we can heat our home during the winter. I'm a lumberjack and I'm o.k.

The first row is done. Three more to go.
One third of this is left over from last year.

In the photo above, you can see what I've cut and stacked so far. Not a lot. On the right is the collection of sticks and twigs that will be kindling for the fires. On the left is a pile of grape vine trunks that need to be cut to fit into the stove. Or, they might be left for doing barbecues next summer.

Even though I started a couple of weeks ago, I didn't really start in earnest. I cut up some of the found and fallen wood around the yard for kindling. Then I needed to get the chains sharpened. And we were waiting for the big wood delivery.

This is the wood that's left to cut.
I don't think I'll get it all cut this year.

Well, the wood got delivered and the chains got sharpened. And, boy, is there a lot of wood to cut. The logs you see above are one meter long - that's about 3 feet. Each log needs to be cut in three to fit into our wood stove. So I'm going to cut some every day (weather permitting) until I have what I think is enough for the year, then I'll stop.

There's also the hedge to trim, so I have to be prudent.


  1. " i'm the lumberjack and I am o.k"

    FYI: part of this video is making the rounds again as part of a spoof video on "Palin for President" on various blogs . Actually they are snippets of various skits by Michael Palin.
    Sorry didn't want to mix politics with your hard work but I couldn't resist :-)

  2. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm o.k."

    Walt, you are a riot!!

    Your Canadian friend,

  3. beaver, I saw that!

    bettyann, heh heh heh...

    victor, that's me!

  4. One day late but laughing my heart out...Didn't know the skit! Will share this with some of my old friends. To work, to work...

  5. if I remember correctly:

    "I put on women's clothing, and hang around in bars"

    I wouldn't have thought it of you....


  6. simon, and rightly so. Not really my style. ;)


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