Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Light Plays Tricks

I noticed that the light in the kitchen looked particularly nice on Tuesday morning, so I went and got the camera:

Pay no attention to the dishes in the drainer.

Then I noticed what was actually piquing my interest in the scene:

A glass of rosé.

It was wine time!


  1. hehe, the subconscious was hard at work! A nice glass of rosé makes any room look better ;-)

  2. And from the paleness of the colour I am guessing probably a local Loire Valley rosé?

  3. i thought u said it was tuesday morning.....r u having rose for breakfast ??? sounds good to me..haha

  4. I have been meaning to tell you both for ages that I love the floor tile in your kitchen. You've shown us bits of it in various photos over the years and I was very pleased to see the whole thing in person but we were all talking about so many things I didn't get around to mentioning it.

    How about a photo featuring your beautiful floor?


  5. Your "new" kitchen looks fabulous! All that hard work has paid off.


  6. The kitchen is beautiful--no matter the light. I am envious of your access to Loire Valley wines--I particularly like the Layons.

  7. justin, especially after you drink it! ;)

    susan, right! From the grapes grown just outside our back gate.

    melinda, at our house, wine time starts any time after 11:00 am since we're usually cooking lunch by then.

    bettyann, ok, I'll work on that.

    susan(m), thanks! We're really happy with it, even though it's not quite finished yet!

    rachael, that's a new one for me, I'll have to look it up and try it!

  8. Rosé at 11am? While you're cooking?
    I think we were separated at birth.

  9. I tried to find those dishes in the drainer, they must be just out of sight.
    But I was drawn in by the glass of rosé.
    Nice looking kitchen BTW.

  10. loulou, and it doesn't have to be rosé... ;)

    peter, thanks! I guess they're not really "dishes" but a few things, including a cutting board...

  11. That rose would have caught my attention too!

  12. lael, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!


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