Monday, September 22, 2008

Raviolis Au Potiron

The pumpkin raviolis were a good first course for Saturday's dinner and we ate them up. I served them with a sage butter and sprinkled them with ground toasted hazelnuts.

Pumpkin raviolis with sage butter and toasted hazelnuts.

The pumpkin filling, even though it was made with parmesan, sage, and nutmeg, was a bit bland. I think if I do pumpkin again, I should kick up the spices to make it more flavorful. Live and learn. The next time I'm going to try to make smaller raviolis to see how that goes.

The pork roast that Ken made.

The main course was a pork roast with apples. Tasty! And for dessert I made pear tartelettes with apple glaze in a pâte sablée. I'm on a pâte sablée kick these days. It will pass...

Individual pear tartelettes.


  1. Wonderful! Everything looks FABULOUS! What kind of spices do you think you'd "kick [it] up" with the next time you make the pumpkin ravioli? More pumpkin-pie type things? a touch of cloves? ginger? Or would that give it the wrong taste for what you'd like?

    I love pumpkin!


  2. I think "purée Soubise" would give some taste and body to the pumpkin filling, in addition to "exotic" spices!


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