Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monday Meals Part Three : Dessert

After lunch on Monday, we were discussing the dinner plans. In fact, we were probably still eating the lunch while discussing the dinner plans. I mentioned that I could make an apple tarte and Peter suggested we make crêpes. Crêpes it was!

Making crêpes in two pans at once.

I put the batter together based on Peter's recipe and made an apple compote for the filling while the others went on a short sight-seeing trip and to a store to buy some calvados (apple brandy) for the sauce flambée.

A video of the flaming crêpes.
That's Véronique Sanson singing in the background.

After dinner, Peter manned the pans and produced some terrific crêpes, then he heated up the calvados and lit it up! They were quite nice.


  1. Walt, Those crêpes are mouthwatering! I love 'flambeed' food, especially crêpes, but I'm just to scared to prepare them myself. I'm always afraid that I'm going to set the house on fire! Martine

  2. How fun to have food en flambé. If you get a chance to go to Angers, stop off at the Cointreau musée. Neat information on local liquor.

  3. martine, they were very good!

    rachael, that's a good tip - next time I'm in the area...


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