Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tartelettes Aux Pommes

On Tuesday we got to meet one of the readers of our blogs, Louise, and her husband, from the eastern US. They came by mid-day and we prepared a light lunch. We were lucky to have had a sunny day and were able to enjoy our meal at the table out back in the garden.

Raw pâte sablée pressed into tart molds.

For dessert I decided to make individual apple tarts using fresh apples from the tree and pâte sablée, a sweet cookie dough crust. Step one, make the dough using egg, sugar, flour, and butter. Then pat it into the buttered tart molds.

Sliced apples arranged in the tart molds.

Step two, peel and slice the apples. Lay them neatly into the shells. This took a few attempts before I was happy with how they looked.

Baked tartelettes cooling on the rack.

Step three, bake in a hot oven until almost done. Then glaze with Ken's home-made apple jelly and finish baking.

And, the close-up!

Step four, let them cool. Eat lunch, then bring these to the table and enjoy! They would have been even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but we were fresh out. Oh well.


  1. Oh, that must have been such fun! And sooooo delicious!


  2. judy, it was a good time, and tasty, too!

  3. Walt

    sorry to post this here;
    I thought it was Nucular :-)

  4. beaver, I used to think it was a southern thing... Jimmy Carter said it, and of course Bush. But now Palin is saying it. Maybe Alaska is so far north that it's really south?

    Or maybe it's just a Republican thing (like saying Democrat Party instead of Democratic Party) and Jimmy Carter was the exception?

  5. You know, if I made the same tartlette in the States, it wouldn't look half as alluring as it does when it appears in France.

  6. rachael, everything looks better in France - even me! ;)


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