Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another asparagus tart

I hope it's not the last one of the season. En principe, asparagus season won't wind down for a few more weeks. But toward the end, the price of asparagus starts to go back up as it gets rarer and we stop buying it.

Steamed asparagus wrapped in ham slices, ready to go.

We got another beautiful bunch from our preferred grower at Saturday's market, along with about a pound of his son's strawberries (picked the evening before, he told us). The asparagus were thin ones this time. We've been used to fatter spears, so this was a nice change. Before they're cooked, the tips of the spears are a violet color. But once steamed, all the violet turns to green, as you can see.

The finished tart ready to serve.

I made a crust and did what has now become a standard recipe at our house this time of year. I used less ham to expose more of the asparagus in this tart. And because the spears were thin, I was able to make six bundles for the pie instead of just four. It's a great rustic lunch, served with a local red and a green salad. And it was delicious!


  1. This looks delicious !! And very photogenic.

  2. You make me very happy.

  3. Miam, miam! I'm going to look for a rectangular tart pan!

  4. I love the way you alternated them. The end result is just beautiful!

    Clearly the two of you have really become French, because you are able to eat this well (avec du vin) and stay fit, not gaining an ounce. At least it appears that way in your pictures. :-)

  5. Presentation is everything.

  6. Yum! I do something similar using endives. The white ones we call Belgian.

  7. jean & judy, as usual, it was quite tasty!

    cubby, :)

    evelyn, I think I know where you can find one in Paris!

    diogenes, in fact, I went to the doctor yesterday and weighed the same as my last check-up six months ago.

    starman, taste counts, too. ;)

    jocely, that sounds good!


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