Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Funky Feline Fotos

I took advantage of some time Ken was spending in the yard with Callie to bring Bertie upstairs onto the deck on Sunday. He made himself right at home in one of our planter boxes.

Don't bother me, I'm lounging.

It must have been the cool dirt that attracted him on this particularly warm day. When he's not out prowling the neighborhood, he's usually curled up in the cool garage napping.

What are those neighbors up to over there?

He really enjoyed his new cat-o-lounger. He stretched, rolled, perched, watched, and napped in there all in the space of about half an hour. When he was done, I carried him down to the back yard to see Callie. I made Callie sit and stay and sat down in front of her with the cat.


Both animals were very tense, but Callie was good and didn't lunge at the cat. I kept talking calmly to both of the them for what must have been about five minutes. Then, suddenly, Bertie slipped to the ground and that was the end of that.

The dog lunged and the cat went up a tree. I think we need Jimmy Carter to come negotiate a treaty or something.


  1. Walt,
    This might explain to you the Cats and Dogs thing. I'm hoping this link opens for you - if not go to youtube and type in Camille cats and dogs.
    She is my current fave French singer. Kinda strange but interesting.

    Check out some of her other songs and tell me what you think.

  2. What great photos. Maybe not so
    cute when you have petunias planted in them!

  3. Love those photos! What a beautiful cat. My oldest son is looking for a black kitten to match our Black Lab.?! (our old outdoor kitty recently died)

    Cats and dogs are funny. You will see that they will eventually get along...sometimes the way they play is "you come and chase me..." ;)Our cat sometimes chased the dog.

    Did Bertie drive away the moles yet?

  4. I'm sorry we didn't get to see Bertie when we visited. He's such a 'handsome' cat! Do you think he went into hiding in the neighbours' house, just because he knew we were coming?

  5. Maybe if you let them roam the house freely, they would find their own space. Just guessing, of course. Most likely, Bertie will stop running and scratch the crap out of Callie and that will be the end of the chasing.

  6. What could be as pretty as a pussy in a planter?

  7. Callie and Bertie will get used to eachother eventually. The people who babysit our Lab Burty own two cats - they were suss about eachother at first, but now the cats lie on their backs and let Burty lick their tummies. SO CUTE!

  8. leon, thanks, I'll check it out.

    sheila, yes, fortunately for now the boxes are empty!

    suzanne, the moles left on their own accord in early spring. I'm hoping that Bertie will dissuade them from returning.

    martine, maybe he'll grace us with his presence the next time!

    starman, oh, it's way too early for that. That's how Bertie ended up under the eaves in the attic...

    stephen, I'm not even going to go there.

    evol, I can't wait for that day.


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